Acupuncture Ear Shen Men

Published: 18th April 2007
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You might be surprised to learn that acupuncture is actually a treatment field broken down into many sub-categories. In this article, we look at acupuncture and ear shen men.

Acupuncture Ear Shen Men

One of the most important acupuncture body points is the point known as the Ear Shen Men. This point is related to the Heart. It is also known as an earth point and also a sedation point. It adds dampness to the body. All of these factors make the point important in grounding the patient and calming their spirit. The point will add dampness to the body. Stimulation of the Ear Shen Men is very often the first point used in an acupuncture treatment because of its tendency to relax the patient and to make him receptive to the treatment that will follow.

There are a few conditions that would preclude the use of this point in the treatment. Any condition where excess phlegm or dampness is already present would be contraindicated. The increase in phlegm and dampness could compromise the heart or the lungs. Such conditions as COPD (Coronary Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) are an example of such a contraindication. Asthma and bronchitis would be two other similar high dampness and phlegm conditions where the acupuncture Ear Shen Men point would be avoided.

Since the heart is considered the ruler of the blood, the acupuncture Ear Shen Men point would be used in all conditions that deal with blood disorders. These would include extravasations, blood deficiencies, blood stagnation, and even emotional disorders such as rebelliousness.

The ancient text, the Nei Jing, contains the following quote: "When the heart is serene, all pain is negligible." The acupuncture Ear Shen Men point then is obviously a key point in all treatments dealing with the reduction and elimination of pain. Shen Men is translated as "heavenly gate", and the point is sometimes referred to as the "doorway to the spirit." These phrases indicate reasons why the point is also used successfully in the treatment of addiction and other disorders that would be related to weakness of the will and spirit.

One recent test used the acupuncture Ear Shen Men point as a control point in the treatment of anxiety. The test indicated that the point was not effective in the reduction of stress related anxiety. This result was a bit surprising in light of the spiritual and calming connections of the point, but it indicates the trial and error basis that has led to the development of successful acupuncture treatment plans. Another possible use of the Shen Men point is in the treatment of the popular and common childhood condition known as attention deficit disorder. Some treatments have used a small ear clip that is applied to the Shen Men point and left in place for long periods of time to provide constant stimulation and pressure on the point.

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