Arnica Gel - The Must have Post-operative Remedy by Adorage

Published: 28th August 2008
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Arnica is a herb that grows in Central Europe. It has been used for medical purposes since 1500. Applied topically, Arnica creams and gels are used to relieve pain and inflammation,caused by strains, arthritis, to relieve herpes symptoms and

even kill herpes virus, to promote bruises and scars healing and their reduction, to assist normal healing processes. Only Arnica from Central Europe has these properties, Mexican or Russian -has no such value. FDA considers consumable Arnica as unsafe and toxic. The herb contains helenalin and related compounds, which have anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties known long ago,and topical application of Arnica has no any known side effects or allergies.

Japanese clinical studies published in 2006-2007 are claiming that Arnica flowers have a special compound Hydroperoxy Traxastane which can be the best novel melanin inhibitor in melanoma cells.

Inflammation is the result of injury or surgery that causes the excessive amount of blood to stretch the walls of the capillaries. Fluid and white blood cells escape from the capillaries into spaces between cells in the surrounding area. The swelling causes

stretching of the tissues accompanied by pain and adding stiffness. Arnica increases the flow of blood through the affected capillaries causing escaped fluids to be absorbed, which makes black and blue marks go away faster and reduces swelling, relieving the pressure on nerve endings,thus relieving pain and stiffness, inflammation and faster improvement of wound healing. Arnica has anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties.

AdorageMD is happy to introduce the highest concentration of Arnica in the Gel on the cosmetic market. Clinical studies showed-the higher concentration of Arnica applied on the problematic area-the better and faster it is working.

Highest concentration of Arnica stimulates white blood cell activity which leads to faster dispersion of congested blood and trapped fluids from muscles and joints as well as bruised tissue, thus being the greatest remedy for plastic and other surgery post-operative regimen.

Arnica is used by a great number of plastic surgeons and dermatologists who are very pleased with its effects with even much lower concentration, especially if patients are undergoing facelift,liposuction,chemical peels, esthetic filler injections and Botox, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty and laser procedures. But with so powerful 30% concentration of Arnica in the gel, the process of healing is faster, and we have the fastest possible and significant reducing of swelling, bruising, inflammation and pain reduction compared to any other Arnica preparation on the market.

Dr. Joel Kassimir, the leading dermatologist in New York, who's major clientele is celebrities and socialites, considers that addition of Adorage 30% Arnica Gel to his protocol has magically, effectively and incredibly fast reduced his patient's bruising and swelling after esthetic injections, chemical peeling, laser and mesotherapy procedures.

Try AdorageMD 30% Powerful Arnica Gel-you have nothing to loose than your bruises, scars , swelling and pain.

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