Baby psychological development

Published: 16th September 2009
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Along with baby's physical and emotional development, baby's psychological development also plays an important role in overall bringing and nourishing.

Baby's psychological development depends on the care and precautions taken by the mother during the nine months of pregnancy. The pregnancy period can be divided into three parts. The first one is where the mother accepts her pregnancy and tries to adjust with new feeling and the changes in her body. This stage has very less to do with baby's psychological development. Once this stage is over and the embryo is formed the mother can now feel the physical presence of life within her. It puts a great impact on the baby's psychological development according to what the mother eats, how she feels and the other surroundings too. The last stage where the fetus is ready to step in the new world it is advised to hear good things, good thoughts and see good actions during this time. This simply means that the baby's psychological development starts from the womb. The baby's temperament remains the same throughout his life, which is the outcome of mother's care and somewhat god's gift. Babies are naturally born with some certain behavior tendency that cannot be changed but only improved by working over them. Some babies are very shy; this can be overcome interaction with more people. Some babies are hyper active. This can be overcomes by effective parenting. Thus it becomes very essential for the parents to understand their child's need and nature for the baby's better psychological development.

Baby's psychological development includes and depends on the activity level, Adaptability, quality of mood, approach towards certain things, and intensity of reactions, temperament and also the threshold of responsiveness. All these depend and vary from each baby. No two babies' are similar. Even the twins or triplets born from the womb of the same mother at the same time possess different psychological behavior. Activity level is different for different babies. Some like to keep playing whole day while some have a reserved nature. Adaptability is the rate at which the baby can adjust himself with the changing surrounding. Babies who are able to adapt themselves quickly with the changing are easy to handle and find it easy to adjust in their future. For the others who do not adapt with surroundings find it tough to adjust in their future too. The quality of mood the baby shows is the result of his psychological status. Some babies remain happy always and some shows easily irritate nature.

Temperament is an important part of baby's psychological development. Temperament can be divided into four sub topics. Some babies show easy/good temperament. Some show shy or difficult; while the rest show mixed type of temperament. There is nothing to worry if the child lies in any of the categories. Still the parents may count their blessings if the child possesses easy/good temperament. About forty percent of babies lie in this category. With such a temperament the baby's psychological development takes at a faster pace. Fifteen percent babies have the shy temperament while only ten percent have the difficult one. The difficulty for the parent's lies over here. Such babies are difficult to handle and require more attention and care. Here the baby's psychological development also takes place at slowly. Mixed temperament is possessed by some thirty-five percent of babies

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