Back Rub Techniques and massages

Published: 22nd February 2008
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The world that we live in is very hectic, and in most cases we end up being stressed out at the end of the day. The result of this type of lifestyle is that we are tense and our bodies have developed tension knots in our neck, shoulders and our backs. To relieve these tension knots back rubs are the simplest type of answer.

These backs rubs are usually performed by a massage therapist but you or someone that you know can give a simple back rub. Back rubs are usually accompanied by the use of an aromatic healing essential oil.

The person who is having a back rub will need to wear light clothing or a cloth that covers the area that is not going to be rubbed. Since oil may be used it is best if the cloth or clothing be ones that are fine to have oil stains appearing on.

The best way to have great back rubs is for the person who is having this rub to lie down full length on their stomach. The head needs to be turned to the sides for full comfort. You will first need to apply the oil to relax the person and let the oil slowly being seeping into the skin.

The back rub will need to start at the base of the spine. You should make sure that no pressure is applied to the spine as this can cause injuries. From the base of the spine you will need to work upwards. Your thumbs will gently knead the skin as your hands travel up long your spine.

Once you have reached the neck area you can start loosing the tense muscles here. Starting at the spine area your hands should move outwards towards the shoulders. This part of the back rub is done in a circular motion. Additionally you will need to knead the fleshly parts of the shoulders to help relax these muscles too.

When you encounter any hard knots you will need to use firm but gentle pressure with your fingers. This kneading in back rubs will loosen the knots that are found in the shoulders. When the shoulder and neck area have been fully massaged you can start the back rub to travel down towards the lower back.

This time as your hands slide downwards to the pelvis area you will need to make sure that the oil is being rubbed into the skin on the sides of the person's back. Having reached the pelvis area your hands will need to move in the direction of the hips.

Back Rubs

At this point the back rubs are continued in this manner until all of the tense muscles are totally Back Rubs relaxed and you can visibly see that your back rub has made the person absolutely relaxed and calm. Back rubs as you see are one of the best ways to relieve the tense muscles from work and the day's stresses. Thanks for reading this page, I hope it was useful in some way for you, please check our site again for more information on this topic.

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