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Published: 02nd May 2007
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Imagine closing your eyes for just a few minutes and getting all the benefits you get from sleeping? This probably perked up your interest huh? You could probably go clubbing long after the roosters made their first wake up call. Or shuffle your time between two high-paying jobs without worrying how many hours of sleep you can get in between.

What is Circadian and Circadian Meditation

Before we go into the circadian meditation let us first understand what circadian is. Circadian rhythm is an internal 24-hour biological clock. Therefore, the Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders are those associated to the time of sleep within the 24-hour period. Sometimes these disorders are brought about by instances controllable by the person like shift work or change in time zones. Some though, are because of other factors like neurological mechanisms.

One very common type of the Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder is the Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS). This disorder is characterized by a delay of a person's sleeping time; insomnia or sleepiness; inability to wake up at a specific time; depression is possibly evident; this has been ongoing for three months.

Auto Circadian Meditation Technique

Since these patients are considered "owls" or "night people", they work best and in their best mood in the later parts of the day. Some have attempted to "cure" themselves of this disorder and have turned to sleeping pills to induce sleep. However, people have become dependent on the pills, so some experts have suggested meditation techniques, like the auto circadian meditation.

Not much has been said about the circadian meditation technique. Even if it has been mentioned in a popular TV show recently, few resources can be found regarding circadian meditation. Some were wondering if it was merely a made-up term by the show's writer. However, there is one website online that offers a complete guide to auto circadian meditation. A person would have to purchase an e-book though in order to get all the benefits that the auto circadian meditation is said to offer. According to the site, their e-book can provide several methods of auto circadian meditation for different purposes, not just to acquire that much-needed sleep. There are actually methods for slimming and increasing one's self-confidence.

Auto circadian meditation promises a lot more than getting rid of the sleeping disorders. And like any other meditation practices, auto circadian meditation would still require your strong conviction and unrelenting faith that it will work for you. Otherwise, all efforts would just be in vain.

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