Coping Up With A Cross dressed Husband

Published: 18th June 2009
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Why does my husband dress like a woman? How can I make him stop cross-dressing? The questions often come from the minds of women who have no option left but to cope up with their crossdressed husband. The truth is that there are no quick and single line answers to such queries. If there had been any answers, then there would no longer be any cross-dressing and no loud debates on this topic as well.

Cross dressers have increased in number and it is no surprise if you come across someone the next day. Many cross dressers justify comfort as their need to cross dress. Desire to appear like a woman and to be one are two different things. One should be clear about these issues. There are a few who want to cross dress just for the sake of sexual excitement. But that still cannot answer as to why males indulge in cross-dressing. Dressing up like a woman is one of the harmless behaviors and yet is considered to be socially false. And there are a number of women who cannot accept if they find their soul mate to be a cross dresser. Many would probably think that most of the cross dressers have either registered themselves for a sex change operation or are either victims of homosexuality.

Though the minds of people have broadened very much, still a woman who is single looks for someone who has got a macho appeal. Great masculine features and a caring heart is all that a woman is in search of. It is presumed that a man who indulges himself in cross-dressing can neither be a good husband and so nor an excellent father. Therefore, a man is not confident about his acceptance in the family and so keeps his truth hidden in the dark. Cross-dressing can cause serious problems in a relationship.

On the contrary there are certain advantages of having a cross dressed husband. You can now have your own private social gatherings. You need not worry about being ditched by him. He will show some sympathy towards excess hairs on your body. You can test your new collection of cosmetics on him. He will not only go shopping with you but will pay your bills as well. You can also borrow his make-up, clothes and jeweler. He cares to walk slowly with you when you are wearing heals. And the last and the most exciting thing is that you need not have to call up a female friend to chat for long because he is there for you.

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