Ginkgo Biloba Side Effects

Published: 01st June 2007
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Ginkgo biloba despite its numerous beneficial effects is known to have its ginkgo biloba side effect too. Generally, ginkgo biloba is safe but is wise to take this herbal medicine with necessary precaution.

Ginkgo biloba side effect seems to be associated with its continuous intake. Usually, 2 years or more of continued application could manifest a ginkgo biloba side effect. Prolong use could result in headaches, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. One ginkgo biloba side effect is when ingesting the toxic ginkgo biloba seed and fruit pulp. The ginkgo biloba side effect in this instance could be gastrointestinal problems, erythema, edema and certain allergic reactions.

Ginkgo biloba side effect is also apparent if you are taking other anti-coagulant herbs or drugs since it reinforces heterogenous mechanisms. And a common ginkgo biloba side effect is increase in the risk of bleeding if you have clotting disorder. Patients taking an anti-depressant drug called monoamine oxidase inhibitor or MAOI should watch out for possible ginkgo biloba side effect too. Since ginkgo is known to interact negatively with MAOI. Ginkgo combined with trazodone could result in an adverse ginkgo biloba side effect. Continuous administration of ginkgo biloba could sometimes produce no continuous benefits like the case of vertigo and tinnitus. Wherein, continuous dosage after 6 to 8 weeks could produce no further benefits nor cause a ginkgo biloba side effect to the patient.

Ginkgo biloba side effect could also be seen in pregnant or lactating women. You should refrain if you happen to be in either one of these situations. Children should refer to doctors first before taking ginkgo to avoid possible ginkgo biloba side effect. In treating illnesses you should administer the necessary and recommended daily dosage and duration only. Anything beyond that could cause ginkgo biloba side effect. Reports of overdose as a possible ginkgo biloba side effect could not be verified or known.

If any of the above-mentioned ginkgo biloba side effect is noticed, daily dosage should be lowered or treatment should be stopped altogether to prevent further complications. Ginkgo biloba side effect could be eradicated if you follow correct dosage. A recommended 40-200 mg. per day for ginkgo supplements is necessary. Higher dosage could be required in treating ailments. Just like any drug, ginkgo biloba is a two-edge sword. The negative comes with positives.

Somehow, ginkgo biloba side effect, despite its potential hazards, is eclipsed by the many remarkable benefits of ginkgo biloba extracts when one use wisely. In using ginkgo products, discretion is still the rule.

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