Many Types of Juice and Their Benefits

Published: 08th June 2007
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Fresh fruit juice is one of the favorite beverages of today's highly health conscious society.

The term is used to refer to the fluid content of any biological body such as an animal or a plant. However, by usage, the first association that comes to our mind are fresh fruit juices.

They are becoming more and more popular today because of their countless health related advantages.

Some of the popular types include orange, grape, apple, pomegranate, pineapple, lemon, tomato and strawberry.

There are different types of juices - fruit, vegetable, mixed fruit, natural, artificial, etc. It is always best to go for fresh and natural fruit type as it does not contain any preservatives and chemical elements that can have later side effects.

It will be all the better if you can go for organically grown fruits and vegetables. Organically grown food does not use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, so they are safer for your health.

Fruit drink can be served pure in undiluted form or can be diluted with water. It is often served chilled as it tastes better.

Juice extracts from fruits and vegetables have many health benefits and medicinal uses. They contain carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, giving you a good health supplement. You will also have feel additional benefits such as increased immunity, healthy complexion, good digestion etc.

Extracts also contain high nutritional value that is readily absorbed by the body. Fruits, in general, are considered to cleanse our body.

Recently, there has been a great awakening regarding the uses and importance of fresh juice as an essential part of one's health diet. Fruit and vegetable types contain rich enzymes which facilitate easy digestion.

In hot and tropical climates, fruit drinks are consumed regularly to keep the body cool and to help prevent sunstroke. This also protects oneself from dehydration. Many diet programs highly recommend consumption of fruit drinks as they do not contain fat but have high nutritional value.

However, if you should have other health related problems such as diabetes or other sugar related issues, then you must consult your physician before adapting to a juicing diet.

If you do not have sugar related problems but your parents have sugar related problems, then you must be cautious as fruit drinks contains concentrated sugar.

When it comes to citrus fruit drinks, it is recommended that they are consumed within 20 minutes of their extraction as the acidity formation, with time, will have undesired effects on the body.

Incorporate fresh fruit and vegetable juice in your diet and reduce health-related problems. If need be, consult your physician to be on the safe side. Avoid the ones that use artificial flavors and preservatives.

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