Pool Surface Repair- Gunite

Published: 13th November 2009
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With the aging of plaster pool and concrete and gunite, repairing becomes mandatory. Cracks, pop-ups and hollow spots are common. Some of the repairing can be done by you if you're having the right material, tools and if you're having little knowledge about how to repair minor cracks and pop-ups or chips. With time the plastic tends to get older and then mottling happens.

Mottling- does the plaster is having shading variations? Mottling is different from stains and deposits. It appears to be grey in color. Plaster is not always pure white, it is having mottling but it must not be taken as defect. A lot of research is going on the mottling since few years, but no conclusion has been deduced till now like what is the cause and cure of the mottling.

When the cracks appear or there is some problem than pool surface repair becomes essential. Gunite is used for making the pool, basement and for repairing. It has a dual purchase while it makes the surface smooth; it also adds strength to the surface. For repairing, all you need to do is just spray Gunite on the cracks. It is not limited to the basement but it can also be applied to cracked concrete.
Swimming Pool Crack Repair

How to Repair the Crack

' Cut out the crack and then later on extend its length by one inch from both the sides. For this you'll need a diamond blade or grinder. Make sure to have all the safety equipments all the safety measures and procedures.
' Leave the crack to dry away and wipe the debris and dust.
' After it dries apply caulk bead along the crack length. Leave some space for allowing the plaster to cover up the caulk.
' Let the caulk to dry.
' Make the mixture of white Portland cement, water, white sand and acrylic cement.
' Moisten surface of the crack with light hand and then apply this mixture on the crack with the help of putty knife. Be careful while filling the crack with mixture. Be sure that no air is left in gap.
' Even the patch work and fill it with water as soon as possible. If it is not covered with water than cover it with the wet towel and try to fill the pool with water as soon as possible and feel free to swim in the pool.

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repairing structural cracks and gunite repair.

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