Pregnancy Week By Week - Excitement Every Week

Published: 15th June 2007
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Read on to understand what goes on inside your body, as you progress through your pregnancy week by week.

Week 1-8 - As the egg fertilizes, it implants itself in the uterus. At this stage, you suddenly realize that you are carrying a baby. The embryo develops at a fast pace. You begin to experience early pregnancy symptom. Morning sickness starts to take its toll on your physique. Such symptoms indicate early sign of pregnancy. The heart of your baby begins to beat by the 6th week. Other organs also start taking shape at this stage. You can even see your baby's tiny arms and legs in the 8th week in an ultrasound.

Week 9-16 - During this stage, you can find the gender of the baby. While morning sickness ebbs away slowly, your appetite begins to increase. This is another sign of pregnancy A Doppler can help you to hear your baby's heartbeat, by the 14th week. You can enjoy this beautiful experience if you are keeping a record of your pregnancy week by week. By the end of the 15th week, your tummy gets big enough to be easily noticeable.

Week 17-24 - At the start of the week, the weight of your baby rises more than five times. The growing baby develops reflexes as well. During this period, the baby develops eyes and ears as well. Maximum development takes place till the 20th week. Your baby has now crossed the danger zone. Moreover, by the 24th week, the heartbeat of your baby becomes so strong that your spouse can easily hear it by placing his ear on your tummy.

Week 25-32 - The color of your baby turns to reddish pink as now capillaries are developing in his body. His lungs too start to develop at this stage. You can now feel your baby kicking more. The best part is that you will be thrilled about every bit of motherhood, all your life, if you manage to keep a record of your pregnancy week by week. At the end of the 28th week, your baby has all the chances of surviving. All the senses of your baby develop by the 32nd week.

Week 33-40 - During the final stages of your pregnancy, you might experience the pregnancy symptom of constipation. At this stage, the uterus exerts a lot of pressure on your bowels. By 34th week, your baby starts developing immunity. Now, at the end of 36th week, you should keep alert for any signs of labor. Following your pregnancy week by week rids you of unwanted fears. The baby takes position in your pelvis, at the end of the 38th week. You may also feel a bit off-balance as your center of gravity has shifted. At this time, you should remain ready, to rush to the hospital at the drop of the hat.

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