What Is The Early Ectopic Pregnancy Symptom?

Published: 19th April 2007
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Before discussing the early ectopic pregnancy symptom, let's know what actually an ectopic pregnancy is.

Ectopic Pregnancy

When the embryo develops outside your uterus, it is called ectopic pregnancy. Usually, the embryo gets implanted in your fallopian tube instead of the uterus. Such pregnancies are also known as tubal pregnancies. They can even occur at other pelvic places like your abdomen, ovary, or cervix and is diagnosed through the early ectopic pregnancy symptom.

Recognizing The Early ectopic Pregnancy Symptom

The following are the early ectopic pregnancy symptom that you may experience:

* Pain in the abdomen. This is usually at the lower part or on one side.

* Vaginal bleeding.

* Late or missed menstruation.

* Passing of tissue from the vagina. As far as possible, you should try to keep the passed tissue for the doctor's examination.

* Other usual pregnancy symptoms.

You can begin to feel the early ectopic pregnancy symptom before you miss your period.

Late Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

As the ectopic pregnancy advances, it may cause bleeding and rupture. You may experience:

* Unconsciousness or dizziness due to loss of blood.

* Pain in your shoulders. The blood causes disturbance in the diaphragm, which, in turn, exerts pressure on your shoulder nerves.

* Increased heartbeats.

* Weakness

* Bloating and hardness in the abdomen

You should not ignore the early ectopic pregnancy symptom and wait till the late ones arrive. It is very important that ectopic pregnancy be detected and treated early to save your fertility and your life. Moreover, the treatments are more effective during the early stage.

Therefore, as soon as you notice the early ectopic pregnancy symptom, you should call your doctor and be ready to head for the emergency room.

What Happens In The Emergency Room?

*Transvaginal ultrasound

* Urine pregnancy test

* Blood test (only if it is not possible to be detected through urine test).

* Pelvic examination

Your doctor will make sure whether the early ectopic pregnancy symptoms are actually of ectopic pregnancy or other condition that also display similar symptoms.

Diagnosis Of Ectopic Pregnancy

The best thing to do is rush to your doctor as soon as you catch the early ectopic pregnancy symptom. Diagnosis is easier during the early stage. If the tube bursts, you may experience a strong pain in the abdomen and may even faint. This makes the diagnosis difficult. Moreover, you don't want to go through such a painful period, do you? Hence, be on the alert for early signs.

The early ectopic pregnancy symptom is your body's way of telling you that there is something wrong in there. Do not let it grow into a serious condition. Treat it fast.

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